Talcott Parsons & Understanding “the Sexuality” As a Social System

Written by: Sobhan Rezaee

In this Article, I want to study the Sexuality as a “Discourse System” with Parsonsian thought. So, at the first part of this issue, we focus on Parsons Theories and its growth root. Then we take his system analyzes and apply some reforms. In this way, we determine the four main parts of Sexuality System as Adaptation, Goal Attainment, Integration and Latency. And exert them in examining the Sexuality System. So in conclusion, “the Latency” is defined with its centre, Family; “the Adaptation” is realized with Socialization and Sex-roles; “the Integration” is understood with Laws and Common Senses; and at last “the Goal Attainment” is seen with “the Reproduction the Society.”

Keywords: “Talcott Parsons”, “Sexuality”, “System”