Global Fashion and Local Policy Making in Iran:

Are the Iranian Localization Policies Can Prevent the Popularity of Western Fashions in Iran?

(Photographer: Javad Moghimi (Fars News Agancy), 17 July 2006, "The Festival of The Women of My Land" , Iran, Tehran)

Nowadays, the global fashion is a kind of screen which are using very much. This Communicational process is based on the power of global media which can promote Fashion models towards a worldwide network. The function of this phenomenon, is sharing a special model of clothing, body decorations or any other forms of decorations between the categorized people around the world, such as Young people, Teenagers, Kids… So the Most of teenagers in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia use same fashion and share him/her self definitions. Indeed, it is making a range of similar shapes for fashioned Sender which sends a range of similar messages to receivers.

As I said above, these common surfaces usually come with supportive flows in media. I mean Cinema, TV, Music and other creators of cultural stereotypes prepare the contents of fashioned messages and strengthen this process with their attractive items. In this way, global superstars who have had the best presences on global media (Such as Cinema Actors, Sportsmen, Singers…) use the fashion preferences and then become special interfaces in front of senses of watchers the media. Also the roles of superstars are very influential which they will be to a sacred position that cause to valued their fashioned tools and decorations which may be sold to millions dollars, after or before their death.

But when these cultural waves come to a certain region, confront local orders and traditions. So, the reacts are very different. In the countries like Iran, the formal reacts against the fashion is varied. Sometimes, easily they are accepted, especially for men clothing. And sometimes conflict with them in chief for women clothing. But when they antagonize with the fashion, their intentions are disaccording with strip clothing (you should intend the cultural standards for clothing and decoration) or against with the western culture. Indeed they see the West as an origin of immorality and injustice who want to extend their models and evil forms.

In many times, they localize the fashioned models and recover them in contrast the developing the western surfaces. For example the dresses is longed, widen, or the same clothing is altered which haven’t any strip parts. But they forgot that covering the strip parts or localization of global fashion can be popular them in a larger sphere and strengthen the fashion process. Indeed they only clear their traditional considering about nudity. But this reformed fashion can improve with suitable constituents and promoted itself in a larger area. So a safe cultural entrance is formed. And the regional people, not only the westernized populations, but the most of them can be set as potential targets of fashion process. Because the Iranian government can reform the fashioned surfaces and localize it with religious and politic constituents, but these reformed fashion send the same messages which global media not IRIB loaded them and strengthen this process with their productions.Then, the western hegemony can get a more powerful position about these regions and with using these stages, construct localized cultural Serotypes which have linked to western messages, too. So the supportive process of media and their superstars can made more influences in the countries such as Iran.

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