Please Read Me: Sexuality in Shiite Hadith Discourse

A Quarterly for Shiite Studies

Volume 6, Number 2, Summer 2008

Written by:

Sobhan Rezaee & Dr. Hesamoddin Ashna

In this article, the authors examine Shiite views on sexuality, by applying Michel Foucault’s approach and method in his book, the History of Sexuality, to Shiite revered texts, including the Quran (and Shiite imams’ and scholars’ commentaries on it), and the Al-Nikah chapter of Wassa’il al-Shia. Some other complementary hadith collections, such as Al-Kafi, Man La Yahzarah al-Fiqih, Tahzib Al-Ahkam, Ellal Al-Sharaye, and Tebb Al-A’emme, were also referred to. The authors argue that sexuality can be considered as a religious concept, which as a discourse system is articulated in Bioclutural context. It is concluded that: 1) Sexuality has a paramount importance in the Shiite faith, 2) the faith has a positive attitude towards sexual relationships and encourages such a non verbal communication, 3) the birth of a human being and its process is regarded as signs of God’s wisdom and power, 4) Shiite religious texts have defined the patterns and limits of legitimate sexuality, and introduced mechanisms and strategies to protect them.

Keywords: Sexuality, the Shia, the Quran, Wassa’il al-Shia, Michel Foucault, the History of Sexuality
For accessing to the main paper, please click on this title: Sexuality in Shiite Hadith Discourse


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