Social Photography 3: The Beautiful Scenes of Everyday Life in Tehran


This is Part 3 of my social photography essay. It shows various forms of representations of Tehranian's experiences through encounters with daily life ...
An American between Iranians
Elli Lester & Amu (uncle) Hassan
(Elle Lester Roushanzamir, 2008, Face Book)

A Love Affairs

(Sobhan Rezaee, April 2008, ISU)

A Delicious Meal in Ahar Village
(Sobhan Rezaee, August 2007, Ahar)

A Toy Store in Teharn

(Sobhan Rezaee, April 2007, Vanak Square)

Fashions in Tehran

(Sobhan Rezaee, April 2007, Vanak Square)

A Beautiful Carpet

(Sobhan Rezaee, June 2008, Valliasr St.)

Two Popular Ads: Nursing in home & Window Shade Store

(Sobhan Rezaee, August 2007, Near the Ahar Village)

A Street Theatre: Pauper & Tired Father
(Sobhan Rezaee, March 2008, Daneshjou Park)

(Sobhan Rezaee, June 2008, Tehran Subway)

1 comment:

Elle Roushanzamir said...

The photo of A Toy Store in Tehran is a lovely collage. As is the subway picture, although in a very different way. Each photo, i.e. those and the rest, capture an aspect of the quotidian experiences.

Thank you for yet another social photography essay.