"We as Islamic Clergies, What We Can do Against AIDS"

"We as Islamic Clergies, What We Can do Against AIDS" is the name of a new book which written by Hesamoddin Ashna and published in Iran. This Book responses to the question of How Islamic clergies can struggle with AIDS". After publishing it, Christian Salars Folkman, the agent of UNICEF said: "This Book is a sample for scientific research about AIDS which include scientific references and religious knowledge and is prepared for Iranian Youngs." He believed that "the combination of Modern Science and Religious Knowledge is a powerful tool for struggle against AIDS." It is seem that the book will be translated, and published in other country.

Dr. Hesamoddin Ashna (My Professor) and the author of the book said that, "This book is based on a communicational approach to the Health. The Health Communications use group communication very much, in addition, this book prepared by the model of Health beliefs to influence on audience understanding and hold him/her in taking HIV.” He added, "Including the Health Communication with religious Communication indicated that changing the Behaviors need to change in Value System.

This book are formed in 6 chapters: (1) What we should know about HIV?, (2) Why the Clergies and Religious Institutions, (3) What we should do to prevention the Spread of AIDS in Society?" (4) Marriage and Family (5) What We should do in interaction with dangerous groups?" (6) What we should do in interaction with HIV Patients?"

Dr. Hesamoddin Ashna (1343) is one of the Faculties of the School of Culture and Communication of Imam Sadiq University. He has done many research and published several books (Such as “Culture and Violence” and “From Politics to Culture”) and Articles in English and Persian. You can connect to him by his blog:


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